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Addressing pain points for clients along the industrial chain, we provide a variety of product services

  • Carbon Footprint of Product

    Carbon Footprint of Product

    By conducting a Product Carbon Footprint assessment, enterprises can accurately quantify the greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, identify the primary sources of carbon emissions, and optimize decarbonization processes and supplier management based on this information.

  • Carbon Neutrality of Product

    Carbon Neutrality of Product

    Achieving Product Carbon Neutral is a crucial step in meeting carbon neutrality goals and serves as an excellent means to communicate the company's efforts in carbon reduction to downstream enterprises and consumers.

  • Corporate GHG Inventory

    Corporate GHG Inventory

    Carbon inventory is the foundation and basis for enterprises to establish scientifically sound carbon goals and implement carbon reduction measures. CarbonNewture assists enterprises in quantifying and tracking greenhouse gas emissions, formulating emission reduction strategies, continuously monitoring the achievements of emission reduction, and ultimately achieving carbon goals.

  • Supply Chain Emissions Reduction

    Supply Chain Emissions Reduction

    Enterprises demonstrating excellence in addressing climate change have incorporated supply chain emissions reduction into their carbon goals. CarbonNewture assists enterprises in quantifying and managing supply chain carbon emissions, enabling better strategic decision-making and achieving supply chain carbon reduction objectives.

  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) service

    Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) service

    CarbonNewture provides professional, compliant, and efficient CBAM reporting services, helping you effortlessly navigate trade barriers and mitigate potential carbon risks.

  • Together for Sustainability Initiative (TfS )

    Together for Sustainability Initiative (TfS )

    TfS is one of the most influential initiatives in the chemical industry, proposed by six chemical giants including BASF. It requires their suppliers to undergo sustainable procurement audits, with the carbon footprint of supplied products being a mandatory component.

Our Industry-Specific Solutions

Authoritative qualifications and certifications

  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate of CarbonNewture

    National High-tech Enterprise

    Carbon Newture has been awarded the title of "National High-Tech Enterprise". This designation is a recognition by the government for the company's continuous research and development innovation in the field of high-tech, the formation of independent intellectual property rights, and its operational capabilities.

  • National Security Level 3 Certification of CarbonNewture Carbon Emission Management System

    National Information Security Protection Certification (3rd Class)

    Carbon Newture's digital carbon management platform has successfully passed the Level 3 evaluation of network security and obtained the "Information Security Level Protection (3rd Class)", supervised by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China and approved by the public security authorities in Shanghai.

  • National Blockchain Information Service Record of CarbonNewture

    National Blockchain Information Service Filing

    Carbon Newture has successfully obtained the domestic blockchain information service filing from the Cyberspace Administration of China, making it an officially recognized blockchain service provider. Blockchain technology, with its characteristics of immutability, transparency, and traceability, holds immense potential for applications in carbon management.

  • Logo of TÜV SÜD


    TÜV SÜD, founded in 1866, is the largest and oldest inspection organization globally. Based on ISO audit principles, TÜV SÜD conducted a series of audits and independent assessments,of Carbon Newture's self-developed digital platform and issued an certificate confirming its compliance with ISO standards.

Our Digital Platform

  • Supply Chain Carbon Reduction  Platform

    Supply Chain Carbon Reduction Platform

    The platform not only quantifies carbon emissions at the production level but also empowers the chain-leading enterprises to efficiently manage multiple tiers of upstream supply chain businesses, collectively driving the sustainable development of the entire industry chain. Additionally, based on blockchain technology, it ensures a high level of security for corporate confidentiality and data sovereignty.

  • Carbon Footprint Inventory and  Calculation Platform

    Carbon Footprint Inventory and Calculation Platform

    The platform provides enterprises with efficient product modeling, data entry, and quantitative analysis capabilities, enabling the rapid identification of carbon hotspots in the product lifecycle. It offers data support for carbon reduction measures, facilitating enterprises in achieving green product upgrades and meeting carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

  • China Carbon Disclosure Platform for Machinery and Electronics

    China Carbon Disclosure Platform for Machinery and Electronics

    The platform aims to encourage mechanical and electrical enterprises to disclose and fulfill dual-carbon information compliance, accelerate low-carbon transformation, and achieve green development. It provides numerous mechanical and electrical enterprises with sustainable development services, including dual-carbon information sharing, carbon reduction solutions, and carbon finance.

  • International Carbon Disclosure Platform  for Textile and Apparel

    International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel

    The platform utilizes digital technology to integrate dual-carbon information in the textile industry, breaking down information silos, supporting green and low-carbon transformations for Chinese textile and apparel enterprises, strengthening collaborative sharing among companies, and addressing climate change risks.

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