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Dual Carbon Solutions for Automotive Industry

Empowering the development of a sustainable automotive value chain

Industry background

exceed 30 million units
The production and sales of automobiles in China
nearly 5 million units
The export volume of automobiles from China
The export volume of automobiles from China

China has become the world's largest automotive market. However, as the automotive industry propels rapid economic and social development, it also imposes significant pressure for carbon reduction. In 2022, carbon emissions from the operation of vehicles in China accounted for approximately 8% of the total societal carbon emissions and 80% within the transportation sector. Creating a sustainable automotive value chain has become an urgent challenge for relevant enterprises.

Note: The above data is based on the 2023 calculation.
Automobile spread production line

Analysis of pain points in the entire industry chain

Automotive suppliers of raw materials and components may face the following challenges:

  • Receiving 'carbon footprint' verification requests from downstream customers but unsure of how to proceed with the verification.
  • Desiring to calculate the carbon footprint of products but lacking the capability to collect complete and accurate carbon data.
  • Aspiring to establish a low-carbon brand but lacking compliant and authoritative carbon footprint and product carbon neutral verifications.
  • Unable to meet the 'low-carbon' entry requirements set by domestic and international customers.
  • Mainly exporting products to the EU but lacking knowledge on CBAM declarations.
  • As a battery exporter complying with the EU's 'New Battery Regulation', but uncertain about the required declaration of product carbon footprint information.
  • Facing challenges in carbon footprint auditing due to the complexity of the upstream supply chain for medium to large-sized component suppliers.

Automobile manufacturers may face the following challenges:

  • Incomplete carbon information disclosure, lacking the disclosure of crucial data (especially in Scope 3).
  • Aiming to establish a green supply chain but lacking the technical capability to seamlessly integrate and comply with upstream carbon emissions.
  • Aspiring to real-time monitoring of carbon emissions from upstream enterprises in the supply chain but lacking the capability for carbon emission management.
  • Encountering challenges in the low-carbon transformation process with perceived inefficiencies in terms of time, effort, and cost, seeking a comprehensive solution.

We offer the following assistance

  • Completing CBAM declarations

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  • Obtaining authoritative carbon footprint and carbon neutrality certificates

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  • Achieving carbon neutrality goals (e.g., SBTi)

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  • Building a sustainable automotive value chain

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  • Promoting low-carbon products and brands

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Our Services

Carbon Newture provide a variety of solutions addressing market compliance requirements and pain points in emission reduction along the industrial chain.

  • Carbon Footprint of Product

    Carbon Footprint of Product

    By conducting a product carbon footprint assessment, enterprises can accurately quantify the greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, identify the primary sources of carbon emissions, and optimize decarbonization processes and supplier management based on this information.

  • Carbon Neutrality of Product

    Carbon Neutrality of Product

    Achieving product carbon neutrality is a crucial step in meeting carbon neutrality goals and serves as an excellent means to communicate the company's efforts in carbon reduction to downstream enterprises and consumers.

  • Corporate GHG Inventory

    Corporate GHG Inventory

    GHG inventory is the foundation and basis for enterprises to establish scientifically sound carbon goals and implement carbon reduction measures. Carbon Newture assists enterprises in quantifying and tracking greenhouse gas emissions, formulating emission reduction strategies, continuously monitoring the achievements of emission reduction, and ultimately achieving carbon goals.

  • Supply Chain Emissions Reduction

    Supply Chain Emissions Reduction

    Enterprises demonstrating excellence in addressing climate change have incorporated supply chain emissions reduction into their carbon goals. Carbon Newture assists enterprises in quantifying and managing supply chain carbon emissions, enabling better strategic decision-making and achieving supply chain carbon reduction objectives.

  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) service

    Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) service

    Carbon Newture provides professional, compliant, and efficient CBAM reporting services, helping you effortlessly navigate trade barriers and mitigate potential carbon risks.

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