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XPeng: Exploring innovative paths for automotive supply chain carbon footprint management

In the global context, climate change has become an undeniable challenge, with the automotive industry being one of the major sources of carbon emissions. Therefore, the imperative for its green transformation is evident. Against this backdrop, Carbon Newture and XPeng have forged a partnership for green and low-carbon supply chain development. Together, they will explore and implement innovative approaches to managing carbon footprints in the automotive supply chain, aiming to establish a green and low-carbon ecosystem.

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The green transformation journey of XPeng

XPeng has consistently adhered to the concept of green development in the wave of green transformation in the automotive industry, striving to reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of its vehicles. According to XPeng's "2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report", in 2023, the carbon emissions of XPeng vehicle models throughout their lifecycle were 26% lower on average compared to similar types of gasoline vehicles. Compared to traditional gasoline cars, XPeng's electric vehicles produced over 1.5 million tons of CO2 emissions reductions throughout their lifecycle in 2023.

It is worth noting that in 2023, MSCI upgraded XPeng's ESG rating from "AA" to the highest level of "AAA", indicating that XPeng has been highly recognized by international authoritative institutions for its ESG governance level and sustainable development capabilities.

The new quality productivity itself is green productivity, and building a green and low-carbon supply chain contributes to the development of green productivity. XPeng actively takes various measures throughout the entire chain in product design, material selection, production manufacturing, logistics transportation, and resource recycling to ensure the environmental friendliness of raw materials and components, actively building a green and low-carbon supply chain.

As a leading new energy vehicle company, XPeng is committed not only to reducing the carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of its vehicles but also actively empowering its supply chain partners to undergo green and low-carbon transformation. Together, they are driving the sustainable development of the entire automotive industry chain.

Exploring innovative paths for green and low-carbon transformation in the automotive supply chain

A standard automobile may contain up to 30,000 parts[1], and luxury models may have even more components. In the green and low-carbon transformation of the automotive supply chain, tracing the carbon emissions of multiple upstream suppliers is crucial. Lead companies need to comprehensively trace and manage the carbon footprint of all component suppliers, including their upstream suppliers. However, this process is fraught with challenges. It involves complex tasks of collecting and analyzing carbon footprint data from numerous suppliers across multiple tiers, while ensuring the accuracy and security of the carbon data.

In light of this, Carbon Newture and XPeng will join forces to efficiently manage the multi-tiered and cross-domain carbon footprints of suppliers, enhancing communication and collaboration among various links in the supply chain. As a benchmark green and low-carbon service platform, Carbon Newture offers both parties more possibilities for cooperation in carbon footprint accounting and supply chain carbon footprint management.

In the future, both parties will continue to leverage their technological and resource advantages to jointly promote the green and low-carbon transformation of the automotive supply chain.

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