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Dual Carbon Solutions for Textile and Apparel Industry

Rooted in the industry deeply, we offer tailored services to textile and apparel clients, including product carbon footprint certification, carbon neutral product certification, and supply chain emission management

Industry background

According to the latest data released by the General Administration of Customs, in 2023, China's cumulative exports of textiles and apparel reached $293.64 billion. While the textile and apparel export industry has stabilized and improved, it faces challenges related to high energy consumption. This could result in some high-carbon products being unable to meet the sustainability requirements of foreign importers, thus hindering their export. For instance, the European Commission has issued the 'EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles', which mandates that relevant products must provide sufficient sustainable information for export. Additionally, with the gradual strengthening of environmental awareness, downstream clothing brand enterprises along the industry chain are actively disclosing carbon footprint information and establishing carbon neutrality goals, actively promoting collaborative carbon reduction among midstream and upstream enterprises.

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Analysis of pain points in the entire industry chain

Core pain points of textile and apparel raw material suppliers:

  • Unable to fulfill carbon footprint certification requirements requested by downstream customers.
  • Lack of expertise in calculating carbon emissions in the textile and apparel production process.
  • Uncertainty on how to optimize textile processes for carbon reduction.
  • Difficulty in developing low-carbon or zero-carbon products due to the absence of comprehensive solutions and technical support.
  • Inability to meet sustainability assessment and audit requirements from domestic and international customers.

Core pain points of textile and apparel brand manufacturers:

  • Low quality carbon disclosure, lacking crucial carbon emission data (e.g., scope 3 emissions).
  • Desire to label products with carbon information, but lacking authoritative carbon footprint and product carbon neutrality certifications.
  • Difficulty in coordinating carbon reduction across the supply chain, especially facing resistance from upstream suppliers.
  • Lack of digital tools for real-time monitoring and management of upstream supplier carbon emissions.
  • Difficulty in selecting low-carbon suppliers due to the inability to quantify their carbon emissions.
  • Inability to meet forthcoming compliance requirements for disclosing product carbon footprints under upcoming ESPR regulations.

We offer the following assistance

  • Support with the TfS sustainable procurement and audit.

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  • Achieving carbon neutrality goals (e.g., SBTi)

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  • Promoting low-carbon products and brands

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  • Establishing a sustainable supply chain management System

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  • Enhancing Corporate Competitiveness

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Our Services

CarbonNewture provide a variety of solutions addressing market compliance requirements and pain points in emission reduction along the industrial chain.

  • Carbon Footprint of Product

    Carbon Footprint of Product

    By conducting a Product Carbon Footprint assessment, enterprises can accurately quantify the greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, identify the primary sources of carbon emissions, and optimize decarbonization processes and supplier management based on this information.

  • Carbon Neutrality of Product

    Carbon Neutrality of Product

    Achieving Product Carbon Neutral is a crucial step in meeting carbon neutrality goals and serves as an excellent means to communicate the company's efforts in carbon reduction to downstream enterprises and consumers.

  • Corporate GHG Inventory

    Corporate GHG Inventory

    Carbon inventory is the foundation and basis for enterprises to establish scientifically sound carbon goals and implement carbon reduction measures. CarbonNewture assists enterprises in quantifying and tracking greenhouse gas emissions, formulating emission reduction strategies, continuously monitoring the achievements of emission reduction, and ultimately achieving carbon goals.

  • Supply Chain Emissions Reduction

    Supply Chain Emissions Reduction

    Enterprises demonstrating excellence in addressing climate change have incorporated supply chain emissions reduction into their carbon goals. CarbonNewture assists enterprises in quantifying and managing supply chain carbon emissions, enabling better strategic decision-making and achieving supply chain carbon reduction objectives.

Customer stories

  • Zhejiang Zhongding Textile Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Zhongding Textile Co., Ltd. logo

    Textile and apparel industry

    Zhejiang Zhongding Textile Co., Ltd.

    Zhongding Textile verifies product carbon neutrality using the latest international carbon neutrality standard ISO 14068-1. With the assistance of CarbonNewture, they obtained the world's first Carbon Neutrality Certificate based on the ISO 14068-1 standard in just three weeks.

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  • Shanghai Sinotex Eco Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Sinotex Eco Co., Ltd. logo

    Textile and apparel industry

    Shanghai Sinotex Eco Co., Ltd.

    With the assistance of Carbon Newture, Shanghai Sinotex Eco Co., Ltd. has completed the carbon footprint assessment for three types of plant-dyed organic cotton and spandex fabrics produced, and has obtained the Carbon Footprint Verification Statement issued by the authoritative third-party organization SGS.

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    ZOZORIKA logo

    Textile and apparel industry


    The sustainable pet fashion brand ZOZORIKA has collaborated with the sustainable and eco-friendly yarn company UPW to create the world's first "carbon-neutral" pet clothing. With the assistance of Carbon Newture, they completed carbon footprint calculation and offsetting, obtaining a product carbon neutral certification from the authoritative third-party certification body.

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  • Shanghai Tiqiao Textile Yarn Dyeing Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Tiqiao Textile Yarn Dyeing Co., Ltd. logo

    Textile and apparel industry

    Shanghai Tiqiao Textile Yarn Dyeing Co., Ltd.

    As a key supplier for Uniqlo, Tiqiao Textile is required to provide carbon footprint certification for the yarn it supplies. CarbonNewture uses digital tools to establish a data model for Tiqiao Textile, calculate carbon emissions, and collaborates with authoritative organizations to issue certification.

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