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Dow Inc.: Greening the chemical supply chain for emission reduction

Dow Chemical officially announced its "Climate Protection" goals in 2020, committing to accelerate collaboration with suppliers, customers, and value chain partners to ensure the company's ecosystem achieves carbon neutral by 2050. The plan involves tracking the climate impact of the supply chain and exploring opportunities for joint decarbonization with suppliers.

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Dow Inc. (NYSE: DOW), a Fortune Global 500 company, operates manufacturing facilities in 31 countries and regions worldwide, employing approximately 37,800 people. In 2022, Dow Chemical achieved sales of around $57 billion.

Combining a global footprint, asset integration, economies of scale, focused innovation, expertise in materials science, leading market positions, and a commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) leadership, Dow aims for profitable growth and contributes to building a sustainable future. The company strives to be a global leader in material science, known for innovation, customer focus, inclusivity, and sustainable development. Dow's portfolio in plastics, industrial intermediates, coatings, and silicones provides a diverse range of technology-driven products and solutions for high-growth markets, including packaging, infrastructure, transportation, and consumer applications.

Sustainable Development Goals

As a materials science company, Dow Inc. focuses on three pillars of sustainable development: Climate Protection, the Circular Economy, and Safer Materials.

  • Climate Protection: Addressing climate change is a key challenge for achieving a sustainable future. By 2030, Dow commits to reducing its net carbon emissions by 5 million metric tons annually (a 15% reduction from the 2020 baseline) or 30% from the 2005 baseline. Dow is dedicated to collaborating with suppliers, customers, and value chain partners to ensure carbon neutral across its ecosystem by 2050.

  • Circular Economy: By 2030, Dow aims to commercialize 3 million metric tons of recycled and renewable solutions by transforming plastic waste and other forms of alternative feedstocks. To achieve this, Dow will intensify efforts to prevent waste, establish an industrial ecosystem for waste collection, reuse, or recycling, and expand its product portfolio to meet rapidly growing demands.

  • Safer Materials: By 2035, Dow plans to achieve 100% sales of Dow products for packaging applications that are reusable or recyclable, creating a closed-loop system.

Integrated Solution

Dow's products play a crucial role in the overall industry's emission reduction and carbon mitigation within the industrial chain. From a lifecycle perspective, many of Dow's products and solutions help customers reduce carbon emissions. For example, solutions for light-weighting in automobiles, energy-saving insulation materials, and improved packaging solutions to reduce food waste. Approximately 70% of Dow's carbon footprint falls under Scope 3, with more than half coming from purchased raw materials, transportation, and other services. CarbonNewture assists Dow in providing carbon neutral digital solutions on both the corporate and product levels, accelerating collaboration with suppliers, customers, and value chain partners. This support aims to enhance the quality and transparency of carbon emission data, introduce genuine product carbon footprint data from suppliers into upstream categories, and contribute to Dow's 2050 carbon neutral goal.

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