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Zhongding Textile: First Globally to Achieve Carbon Neutrality base on the ISO 14068-1

Zhongding Textile verifies product carbon neutrality using the latest international carbon neutrality standard ISO 14068-1. With the assistance of CarbonNewture, they obtained the world's first Carbon Neutrality Certificate based on the ISO 14068-1 standard in just three weeks.

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Zhejiang Zhongding Textile Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Zhongding Textile Co., Ltd.

Established in 2001, Zhongding Textile is located in Tongxiang, Zhejiang, at the heart of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. Its operations include the production of coarse and semi-fine knitted yarns, covering yarn dyeing, twisting dyeing, and fabric printing and dyeing. Rooted in green production, Zhongding collaborates with supply chain partners from upstream raw materials to final products to jointly create a green industrial chain advantage in the knitting apparel sector. It is recognized as "the most influential brand enterprise in the cashmere industry".

Business background

  • Responding to dual carbon goals: Carbon peak and carbon neutrality are highly scientific and rigorous concepts and goals. Achieving carbon neutrality at the enterprise level is a long, difficult, and monumental task. Companies typically set long-term carbon goals (such as achieving Scope 1&2&3 carbon neutrality by 2050) and short-term carbon goals (such as achieving Scope 1&2 carbon neutrality and reducing Scope 3 emissions by 50% by 2030), and continuously adjust them based on business development and technological advancements. At the product level, companies often choose to first achieve partial carbon neutrality for core products, steadily progressing towards the ultimate goal of overall carbon neutrality.

  • Adhering to international standards: Zhongding Textile verifies product carbon neutrality using the latest international carbon neutrality standard ISO 14068-1. It is the first company globally to obtain product carbon neutral certification based on this standard. ISO 14068-1 is a carbon neutrality standard jointly developed by experts from multiple countries worldwide through consensus negotiations. It has significant international influence and serves as a management and communication tool for companies to develop science-based carbon neutrality plans and declare carbon neutrality adapted to their development stages. Its introduction will to some extent standardize the current confusion in methods and principles for achieving carbon neutrality. Combined with verification from authoritative third-party certification bodies, it may become an effective tool to avoid "greenwashing" and misleading environmental claims.

Integrated solution

Zhongding Textile has obtained the world's first Carbon Neutral Certificate based on the ISO 14068-1 standard, continuing its exploration of the path towards sustainable development.

Zhongding Textile teamed up with CarbonNewture and utilized the CarbonNewture digital carbon management platform to conduct carbon footprint assessments for three core products (ELEGANCE, LULLABY, and SERENITY) throughout their lifecycle, following the ISO 14067:2018 carbon footprint assessment standard. Under the principle of "prioritizing emission reduction and sequestration over offsetting", international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs) and carbon credits were purchased. Unabated greenhouse gas emissions were offset through carbon credits, achieving carbon neutrality for the products. A carbon neutrality certificate was issued by TÜV SÜD, an internationally recognized third-party auditing organization.

Photos and traceability QR codes for ELEGANCE, SERENITY, and LULLABY 100% cashmere yarn

In just three weeks, CarbonNewture provided Zhongding Textile with end-to-end services encompassing digital technology empowerment, authoritative third-party certification, and transparent disclosure.

Carbon Neutral Certification and details of one of the products QR code

To ensure downstream customers and consumers' right to know and enhance the transparency and traceability of carbon data, Zhongding Textile will also upload the carbon data of products certified by authoritative third-party certifications to the International Carbon Information Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel.

SERENITY 100% cashmere disclosure page

(Website URL for details page: https://www.icdp-ta.com/en/disclosure/5fd9cf02-e32e-4416-8bff-1e75a3789233)

The "International Carbon Information Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel" utilizes digital technologies such as blockchain to empower carbon management, ensuring the immutability, privacy, transparency, full traceability, and accountability of carbon data. As shown in the diagram above, once uploaded to the blockchain, the carbon information of the three carbon-neutral cashmere yarns can be traced with just one click, achieving high transparency of product carbon information and maintaining a more virtuous low-carbon consumption market.

The following image shows the blockchain details of Zhongding Textile's SERENITY carbon-neutral cashmere yarn dual carbon information:

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