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Tiqiao Textile: The Energy-Saving and Carbon Reduction Journey of a Long-Established Textile Factory

As a key supplier for Uniqlo, Tiqiao Textile is required to provide carbon footprint certification for the yarn it supplies. CarbonNewture uses digital tools to establish a data model for Tiqiao Textile, calculate carbon emissions, and collaborates with authoritative organizations to issue certification.

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Shanghai Tiqiao Textile Yarn Dyeing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tiqiao Textile Yarn Dyeing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tiqiao Textile Yarn Dyeing Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Tiqiao Textile" hereafter) was established in 1997. It is a key leading enterprise in the field of knitwear printing and dyeing with modern enterprise characteristics, integrating yarn dyeing, knitting, and dyeing and finishing. Tiqiao Textile is recognized as a high-tech enterprise in the East China region. As a prominent local textile company, it serves as a significant supplier for brands such as Uniqlo, GAP, IKEA, with an annual output value of around 1 billion RMB.

Business Pain Points

  • Required to provide "Product Carbon Footprint Certification": As a supplier for Uniqlo, Tiqiao Textile is obligated to furnish certification for the carbon footprint of the yarn it supplies.

  • Lack of expertise in "Carbon Neutrality": Absence of professionals with knowledge in the field of "Carbon Neutrality".

  • No specialized tools for "Carbon Emission" calculation: The lack of dedicated tools for "Carbon Emission" calculation poses challenges for Tiqiao Textile, a local supplier in this regard.

Integrated Solution

To reduce carbon emissions, it is crucial to first understand the existing emission levels of the factory, making the "diagnosis" particularly important.

Utilizing CarbonNewture's digital product tools, a set of data models were established for Tiqiao Textile. This enabled the calculation of the carbon emissions for its main yarn products throughout the entire life cycle, from cradle to gate. Additionally, in collaboration with the globally recognized third-party carbon certification institution TUV SUD, Tiqiao Textile received certification for its calculated carbon footprint. Subsequently, Tiqiao Textile also obtained certification services for calculating the carbon footprint of air layer fabrics and developing zero-carbon products.

Tiqiao Textile has pledged carbon quotas to secure green loans. The newly commissioned biomass-burning boiler will undergo evaluation and certification through CarbonNewture's digital tools. CarbonNewture will assist the bank in granting Tiqiao Textile low-interest loans as part of central bank emission reduction tools.

Subsequent services, such as the introduction of photovoltaic and energy storage equipment and the purchase of green electricity, will undergo digital calculations and management with CarbonNewture's assistance for corresponding procurement.

Through CarbonNewture's 'Carbon Neutrality Full Process Service,' Tiqiao Textile has achieved certification for 'Carbon Neutral Products'.

The comprehensive service efficiently addressed industry challenges such as product lifecycle modeling, data and evidence input, procurement of carbon offset projects, compliance calculations, and disclosures, ultimately earning certification from TUV SUD based on the PAS2060 standard for carbon-neutral products.

The case of Tiqiao Textile has been reported and reposted by major media outlets both domestically and internationally, including Guangming Net, PR Newswire,, TUV SUD's official website, and the official website of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel.

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