T/CSTM 00694—2022


Carbon neutrality assessment requirement for photovoltaic product

Published at:Published by:Chinese Standards of Testing and Materials
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Key info

  • Chinese name:光伏产品碳中和评价要求
  • English name:Carbon neutrality assessment requirement for photovoltaic product
  • Standard number:T/CSTM 00694—2022
  • Published by:Chinese Standards of Testing and Materials
  • Implementation date:2022-08-27
  • Published at:2022-05-27
  • Sectors:Professional and technical services


This document specifies the terms and definitions, basic principles, general requirements, supply chain carbon management system, product carbon footprint accounting, continuous reduction of product carbon footprint, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, evaluation requirements, and carbon neutrality declaration for the evaluation of carbon neutralization of photovoltaic products (hereinafter referred to as "evaluation"). This document applies to the implementation of carbon neutralization evaluation for photovoltaic products throughout the lifecycle, from upstream raw material production to the disposal/recycling of photovoltaic modules. This includes industrial silicon materials, solar-grade polysilicon, wafers, solar cells, photovoltaic modules, thin-film solar cells, and inverters. It can also serve as a reference for implementing carbon neutralization activities in the photovoltaic industry. Other photovoltaic products can refer to this document for implementation.

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