T/SQIA 053—2023


Technical requirements for carbon footprint assessment of plastic toys

Published at:Published by:Shenzhen Quality Inspection Association
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Key info

  • Chinese name:碳足迹评价技术要求 塑胶玩具
  • English name:Technical requirements for carbon footprint assessment of plastic toys
  • Standard number:T/SQIA 053—2023
  • Published by:Shenzhen Quality Inspection Association
  • Implementation date:2023-11-05
  • Published at:2023-11-03
  • Sectors:-


This document, as the Carbon Footprint Product Category Rules for Plastic Toy Products CFP-PCR, stipulates the methods and requirements for the carbon footprint evaluation of plastic toy products, including product description, scope determination, data collection, distribution, impact assessment, product carbon footprint interpretation, product carbon footprint notification and other aspects.
This document applies to non-electric toys designed or intended for children under 14 years of age, with the toy body made of plastic, including inflatable toys, mouth-actuated toys, similar stationery toys, water toys, etc. It also applies to the Non-electric toys intended to bear the weight of children, including static plastic toys and motorized plastic toys.

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