GB/T 44160-2024


Guidance for event sustainability evaluation

Published at:Published by:Standardization Administration of China
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Key info

  • Chinese name:大型活动可持续性评价指南
  • English name:Guidance for event sustainability evaluation
  • Standard number:GB/T 44160-2024
  • Published by:Standardization Administration of China
  • Implementation date:2024-06-29
  • Published at:2024-06-29
  • Sectors:Culture and art industry, Physical education, Entertainment industry


The Guidance for event sustainability evaluation led by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games, is a summary and enhancement of Beijing's experience in using local standards to guide scientific planning, creation, management, and utilization of the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, thereby promoting urban sustainable development. It is mainly applicable to the sustainability evaluation of large-scale events such as major sports events, exhibitions and sales, celebrations and performances, summits and forums, and mass activities.

Focusing on green development and aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this standard sets seven categories with 35 evaluation indicators around aspects such as sustainable procurement, carbon neutrality, site utilization, and ecological restoration and recovery. It emphasizes the green and low-carbon level of large-scale events, protection of the ecological environment, rational use of resources, and social responsibility. The standard provides a scientific evaluation method, categorizing the sustainability of large-scale events into strong, medium, and weak levels, and it outlines the calculation of indicator scores and the establishment of evaluation grades. The evaluation process covers the entire process of bidding, preparation, and hosting of large-scale events. Additionally, the standard emphasizes systematic and forward-looking approaches, providing reference templates for evaluation reports and satisfaction survey questionnaires to facilitate self-evaluation and continuous improvement by organizers.

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