T/SQIA 051—2023


Technical requirements for carbon footprint assessment of metal furniture

Published at:Published by:Shenzhen Quality Inspection Association
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Key info

  • Chinese name:碳足迹评价技术要求 金属家具
  • English name:Technical requirements for carbon footprint assessment of metal furniture
  • Standard number:T/SQIA 051—2023
  • Published by:Shenzhen Quality Inspection Association
  • Implementation date:2023-11-05
  • Published at:2023-11-03
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This document, as the Carbon Footprint Product Category Rules for Metal Furniture Products CFP-PCR, stipulates the methods and requirements for carbon footprint evaluation of metal furniture products, including product description, purpose and scope determination, data collection requirements, allocation, impact assessment, product carbon footprint interpretation , product carbon footprint notification and other aspects.
This document is applicable to the carbon footprint evaluation of various metal furniture products.

This document can be used as a reference for other metal products‘ carbon footprint evaluation

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