DB31/T 1071-2017


Rules for accounting of carbon footprint

Published at:Published by:Local Authorities
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Key info

  • Chinese name:产品碳足迹核算通则
  • English name:Rules for accounting of carbon footprint
  • Standard number:DB31/T 1071-2017
  • Published by:Local Authorities
  • Implementation date:2018-02-01
  • Published at:2017-10-23
  • Sectors:Textile and apparel industry, General equipment manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing


This standard specifies the specific methods and requirements for carbon emissions accounting and assessment throughout the product lifecycle.

It applies to the accounting of carbon emissions for products produced or sold within the administrative area of Shanghai, as well as services provided. It can be used for both the accounting and assessment of the carbon emissions for the entire lifecycle of the product, as well as for the accounting and assessment of carbon emissions from the "raw material extraction-production manufacturing" part of the lifecycle.

This standard does not include offsetting in the quantification process, and emissions related to biomass carbon are not included in the accounting.

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