T/SQIA 035—2023


Technical requirements for carbon footprint Aassessment of soft nonwoven towels

Published at:Published by:Shenzhen Quality Inspection Association
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Key info

  • Chinese name:碳足迹评价技术要求 柔巾
  • English name:Technical requirements for carbon footprint Aassessment of soft nonwoven towels
  • Standard number:T/SQIA 035—2023
  • Published by:Shenzhen Quality Inspection Association
  • Implementation date:2023-11-05
  • Published at:2023-11-03
  • Sectors:Textile industry


This document serves as the Carbon Footprint Product Category Rules (CFP-PCR) for tissue paper products, providing methods and requirements for evaluating the carbon footprint of such products. It includes specifications for product category definition and description, determination of objectives and scope, data collection requirements, impact assessment, interpretation of product carbon footprint, and communication of product carbon footprint.

This standard is applicable to dry wiping tissues made from various textile fibers and wood pulp fibers through non-woven processing. These tissues are intended for cleaning the human body's skin and are commonly known as tissue paper products. Similar products in terms of production processes, such as kitchen wiping tissues, can be referenced accordingly.

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