T/GDCPA 013—2023


Product carbon footprint - photovoltaic module

Published at:Published by:Guangdong Provincial Cleaner Production Association
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Key info

  • Chinese name:产品碳足迹 光伏组件
  • English name:Product carbon footprint - photovoltaic module
  • Standard number:T/GDCPA 013—2023
  • Published by:Guangdong Provincial Cleaner Production Association
  • Implementation date:2023-08-12
  • Published at:2023-08-12
  • Sectors:Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing


This document specifies the objectives, scope, functional unit, system boundaries, data collection and processing, calculation, reporting, and other aspects of the carbon footprint assessment for photovoltaic module products, including single-crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, microcrystalline silicon, copper indium gallium selenide thin-film, and cadmium telluride thin-film. Heterojunction, multicrystalline silicon, perovskite, and other emerging photovoltaic cell products are not within the scope of this document.

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