T/SQIA 020—2023


Technical Specifications for Quality Evaluation of Carbon Footprint Data

Published at:Published by:Shenzhen Quality Inspection Association
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Key info

  • Chinese name:碳足迹数据质量评价技术规范
  • English name:Technical Specifications for Quality Evaluation of Carbon Footprint Data
  • Standard number:T/SQIA 020—2023
  • Published by:Shenzhen Quality Inspection Association
  • Implementation date:2023-07-01
  • Published at:2023-06-21
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The global climate crisis is becoming increasingly severe, and human-induced greenhouse gas emissions have become a significant challenge faced by governments and societies worldwide. To curb the trend of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, product carbon footprint, as an indicator that intuitively displays information on greenhouse gas emissions, has been widely adopted globally. Product carbon footprint helps governments, organizations, or individuals truly understand the impact of production and lifestyle on climate change. Based on this understanding, action plans can be formulated and implemented to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

This document aims to establish technical specifications for the assessment of data quality in product carbon footprint, providing guidance for standardized data quality assessments to ensure the credibility and accuracy of the data.

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