Dual Carbon Transformation Series | Carbon Neutrality Journey of UPW

On September 22, 2023, marked the third anniversary of China's commitment to the "strive to achieve peak carbon emissions by 2030 and work towards carbon neutrality by 2060" goal. Since the introduction of the "low-carbon" targets, both the central and local governments have gradually introduced and refined the "1+N" low-carbon policy system. China's green and low-carbon economic development has been accelerating, encompassing a wide range of areas from green industrial transformation to sustainable consumer practices. The textile and clothing industry, closely intertwined with both industrial production and daily consumption, plays a pivotal role in this transformation. As China stands as the "world's factory" for the global textile and clothing industry, it also profoundly influences the development of the global green supply chain. As a leading upstream textile company, let's examine the green transformation experience of yarn suppliers through UPW's journey toward carbon neutrality.

——Fashion is an art that reflects the era.

——In the era of low carbon, we indulge in the art of sustainable green development.

1.About UPW

Dongguan Greatex (UPW) Spinning Ltd was founded in 1984, dedicated to producing yarns that combine a sense of design and luxury. The yarn series includes coarse spinning, semi-worsted spinning, and fancy yarns. As a global leader in sustainable and eco-friendly yarn production, UPW takes environmental protection as its responsibility and sustainable development as its goal. Providing genuinely eco-friendly yarn products to brands, retailers, and consumers, and contributing to the low-carbon transformation of the textile industry, are UPW's vision and mission.

「UPW is not only a high-quality sustainable yarn brand, but also a leader in fashion trends and a pioneer in green development innovation.


2. The UPW Carbon Neutrality Journey "Triptych"

Setting scientifically-based carbon reduction targets can help businesses achieve precise carbon reductions. UPW will implement carbon reduction strategies in stages and steps to realize the vision of net-zero emissions by 2050.

UPW Company's Net Zero Emission Vision and Commitment.

UPW is making dedicated efforts to embark on a journey towards genuine net-zero emissions by fully implementing the "Three-Act Play" plan for carbon neutrality.

Part 1 / Maximizing the utilization of clean energy

——energy efficiency and carbon reduction through the integration of clean energy and technological innovation

To achieve the goal of net-zero emissions, UPW gives top priority to reducing carbon emissions through lean production, new technologies, and clean energy. In 2014, UPW took the lead by replacing traditional coal with clean energy, becoming the first company in the industry to transition from coal to gas. In 2023, UPW plans to launch a photovoltaic power station, maximizing the utilization of new energy sources and reducing carbon emissions in the yarn manufacturing phase.

Part 2 /Comprehensive Use of Low-Carbon Raw Materials

——Winning at the Source, Empowering Carbon Reduction with Digital Technology

As a manufacturer committed to sustainable and eco-friendly yarn production, UPW actively participates in and guides the industry in seeking sustainable raw materials with low carbon footprints to reduce the overall carbon emissions of yarn production. In 2020, UPW was a pioneer in introducing the ECO series in the industry. The following year, they launched an upgraded PLUS-certified series, which utilizes sustainable raw materials made from low-carbon yarn, aiming for every material used in their yarn to be genuinely environmentally responsible and third-party certified.

Furthermore, UPW employs blockchain technology to ensure the digital traceability of their yarn product supply chain, achieving a high level of transparency from fiber to yarn/clothing.

UPW has currently completed carbon footprint certifications for 10 core yarns, with carbon neutrality certifications for 6 of them. The credibility and authority of these certifications are essential safeguards for their low-carbon product claims.

Part 3 /Offsetting Inevitable Carbon Emissions

——Offset and Actively Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change

Although UPW has fully adopted sustainable low-carbon materials and maximized energy usage to reduce carbon emissions to the lowest levels achievable with current technology, it is still unable to completely eliminate carbon emissions. Therefore, while continually reducing carbon emissions throughout the yarn's entire lifecycle, UPW offsets the inevitable carbon emissions generated during the production process through carbon reduction projects, thereby achieving certification and labels for carbon neutrality for its yarn products.

The use of energy-efficient and emission-reduction technologies, authoritative and trustworthy accounting certification, and a commitment to sustainable development are fundamental principles that any business must utilize or adhere to during its green transformation. Only by implementing pollution reduction and carbon reduction at every level of production and operations can each strand of yarn truly become "green" from start to finish.

3. The Carbon Disclosure Platform Empowering Low Carbon Transformation.

As a crucial link in the textile industry chain, yarn not only serves as a carrier for fiber raw materials but also acts as a bridge connecting textile products. Moreover, it carries the important mission of promoting energy efficiency, green transformation, and collaborative efficiency within the industry chain. In the process of transformation and upgrading in the textile industry, the empowerment of digital technology is an essential path for enterprises.

From the perspective of combining information resources with low-carbon transformation, suppliers, brands, and consumers all require a more transparent and carbon-rich industrial service platform to assist companies and industries in creating a healthier and more resilient textile and clothing ecosystem.

On October 24th, UPW will be invited by CarbonNewture to participate in the 2023 Global Textile Carbon Neutrality International Summitthe International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel launch event. Together, we will witness the birth of a convergence point for dual carbon information in the Chinese textile industry.

We also look forward to your participation! If you wish to attend, please leave a message on the CarbonNewture WeChat official account.