Major cooperation| Carbon Newture and Nanchang Xiaolan Economic Development Zone reached a strategic cooperation agreement

Recently, Carbon Newture and Nanchang Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone") reached a cooperation. The two parties signed the "Park Green and Low Carbon Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement", officially forming a green and low carbon strategic cooperation relationship. partners, aiming to deepen the green and low-carbon transformation of the park and create a low-carbon brand card for the park’s “green investment selection”.

Tu Lihua, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, took a group photo at the signing ceremony with Huang Yanxiang, CEO of Carbon Newture

Nanchang Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in 2002. It is a national economic and technological development zone. Equipment manufacturing enterprises are the main industry. It has been successfully selected as the "Jiangxi Province Intelligent Manufacturing Base" and is building an influential intelligent equipment manufacturing industry in the central region. Highlands. Tu Lihua, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that under the "double carbon" development trend and goals, Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone is entering a new stage of green transformation and development. It plans to focus on park planning, policy support, We will start with energy resource utilization, digital management and other aspects to accelerate the green transformation process of the park and complete the high-quality transformation from traditional "investment attraction" to "green investment selection".

Carbon Newture CEO Huang Yanxiang said that as a fulcrum to leverage high-quality regional economic development, national parks are also the main battlefield to promote the low-carbon transformation of the industry, organically connecting the government and enterprises, and collecting, accounting, circulating, and monitoring carbon emission information. /Forecasting, management, etc. are the key to opening up the "government-park-enterprise-carbon pathway" and are a powerful engine for achieving regional carbon neutrality goals. Carbon Newture will combine the actual conditions of the park with tailor-made solutions to inject green power into the development of Xiaolan Economic Development Zone.

Jia Yuchao, head of the Nanchang County Government and director of the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone Management Committee, visited Carbon Newture in July this year to conduct research and guidance on cooperation matters between the two parties. He said that many companies in the park currently have the need for low-carbon transformation, and some companies have done corresponding emission reduction work and achieved certain results. However, as the park is an important carrier for undertaking the dual-carbon transformation of local governments and enterprises, the "one game of chess" thinking is crucial. We hope that Carbon Newture provide a practical and easy-to-use digital platform for park carbon management to assist the economic development zone and enterprises in the park to complete carbon emissions. Inventory and accounting of basic data, break down carbon information barriers in the region, increase the global layout of new infrastructure such as data centers and cloud computing, facilitate the monitoring of park carbon emissions throughout the entire process and at all times, and further provide overall carbon reduction and carbon assets Management services.

Carbon Newture provides Xiaolan Economic Development Zone with customized "digital + low-carbon" solutions, combining its rich industry resources and expert resources to protect its green and low-carbon transformation. The services provided include but are not limited to launching and managing the park's carbon management digital system for the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, organizing exchange activities and customized training on carbon neutrality and ESG-related topics, and introducing low-carbon technologies such as energy conservation, emission reduction, and photovoltaics. /Hydrogen energy and other low-carbon projects, development and trading of park carbon assets, etc. In addition, Carbon Newture will use excellent digital technology to provide carbon emission data security for parks and enterprises and prevent carbon data leakage.

Carbon Newture shared smart park cases at the 10th "Development Zone Dialogue Top 500" event and emphasized that parks not only play an important role in the country's realization of the "double carbon" goal, but high-quality transformation parks can also form demonstration and The radiation effect drives surrounding park enterprises to carry out green transformation.

Join forces to draw a low-carbon blueprint. Through the "low-carbon digital platform + operation + communication training" service model, Carbon Balance Technology is committed to promoting the green and low-carbon industrial chain layout of Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, improving the advantages of green investment, and looking forward to jointly creating a green transformation with intelligent manufacturing characteristics Template.