Boao Carbon Neutrality Conference | CarbonNewture Awarded as Outstanding Service Provider in Carbon Neutrality Sector

On November 3rd, the 3rd Carbon Neutrality Boao Forum, jointly organized by the China Energy Conservation Association and the China Quality Certification Center, was successfully held in Boao, Hainan, China in 2023. The conference, themed "A New Era of Carbon Neutrality: Opportunities, Development, Coexistence," focused on global consensus and measures to combat climate change, the EU's carbon border adjustment mechanism, and China's top-level design for carbon peak and carbon neutrality, among other high-level topics. Over 500 participants, including government officials, experts in carbon neutrality, representatives from universities, research institutions, investment firms, service providers in the carbon sector, and media representatives, attended the conference.

During the event, CarbonNewture received the "Outstanding Service Provider in the Carbon Neutrality Sector" award.


The conference summarized key events and achievements in the field of carbon neutrality in 2023, recognized and promoted brands and companies that have made outstanding contributions to carbon neutrality, released reports on the carbon trading industry and related standards, shared cutting-edge technologies, products, and services for low-carbon innovation and green production, explored new trends and directions in the future of dual carbon development, and showcased excellent enterprises, achievements, cases, and applications. It led the way in technological innovation and industrial transformation, driving the transformation and upgrading of the energy structure and marking a new chapter in carbon peaking and carbon neutrality development.

Additionally, the Carbon Neutrality Boao Conference held an award ceremony for the "Contribution Award in the Carbon Neutrality Sector." Carbon Newture was honored with the "Outstanding Service Provider in the Carbon Neutrality Sector" award due to its cutting-edge digital technology services in carbon neutrality.

Brain Storming

On November 4th, CarbonNewture CEO Huang Yanxiang was invited to a roundtable discussion with the theme "Exploring the Path to Sustainable Green Development." He shared insightful perspectives on "Serving the Green Economy and Exploring Coexistence in Diversity."

The way to coexist "green mountains and rivers" with "golden mountains and silver mountains" is the path of development. Huang Yanxiang, CEO of CarbonNewture, stated that under the green economy, as a carbon neutrality service provider, CarbonEquilibrium Technology's technical advantages and rich industry experience in the fields of green, low-carbon, and digital transformation can contribute to the high-quality, green, and low-carbon development of the entire industry. With products at its core, CarbonNewture can tailor calculation models to different industry products, providing authoritative, cost-effective, and efficient service solutions to businesses.

This article includes information sourced from the China Energy Conservation Association