Celebrated International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel Launches

On October 24, 2023, Carbon Balance Technology, in collaboration with the China Textile Import and Export Chamber, jointly launched the "International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel" (referred to as the "Platform") at the "2023 Global Textile Carbon Neutrality International Summit," marking the birth of a central hub for dual carbon information in China's textile industry.

Celebrating a Landmark Platform Launch and Inviting Businesses to Join

Launch Ceremony

On October 24th, at the "2023 Global Textile Carbon Neutrality International Summit," the International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel was officially launched. The event witnessed the presence of leaders such as Li Shuo, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, Li Hui, Member of the Kunshan Municipal Committee, Xiao Jianming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Huaqiao Economic Development Zone. Leading companies in the industry, along with over 200 representatives of brands, suppliers, and media, attended the event. The unveiling ceremony was jointly conducted by Zhang Xian, Vice Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel, and Huang Yanxiang, CEO of Carbon Newture.

Launch Ceremony

The First Initiative Enterprises of Platform

Currently, dozens of textile and apparel companies, including Shanghai Tiqiao, UPW, and Dongguan Texwinca, have already uploaded their product carbon information to the platform. Additionally, nearly a hundred new service providers are undergoing review for online registration. For more information, please visit the official website at https://www.icdp-ta.com/.

Harnessing Industry Power to Create a Green and Low-Carbon Future in Textile Fashion

Seizing the opportunity and leading the way in the industry. As a vital sector in advancing China's carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, the textile and clothing industry in China has consistently responded proactively to the nation's low-carbon transition strategy. Not only do domestic dual carbon policies set higher requirements for corporate low-carbon transformation, but international trade also faces increasingly complex and stringent environmental and carbon emission standards. The "platform" has been developed in response to China's drive for "dual carbon goals" and the global climate change crisis. It assists Chinese textile and clothing companies in actively addressing various green and low-carbon compliance requirements at home and abroad, making it the first comprehensive dual carbon information disclosure platform for the entire textile industry chain, both domestically and globally.

Safe, transparent, and traceable, accelerating the low-carbon transition. The 'platform' leverages technologies such as blockchain, IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence to gather carbon data, carbon reduction, and carbon financial modules. This ensures the security of carbon data for both upstream and downstream products, compliance verified by third parties, and transparent, traceable records. It actively promotes compliance disclosure and performance in carbon information for Chinese textile and apparel companies under the dual carbon goals, speeding up the low-carbon transition and achieving green development.

Case on International Carbon Disclosures Platform for Textile and Apparel

The green development of the industrial chain establishes a global perspective. A "platform" provides a fair, open, and transparent space for information sharing and communication, enhancing collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain, domestic and international brands, and consumer markets, driving synergistic innovation across the entire industry chain. By increasing transparency in the industrial chain, it promotes mutual trust and learning among businesses, helping them proactively adapt to changes in international regulations and better integrate into the new global trade order.

Domestic and foreign business representatives attended the launch ceremony

Chairman of CCCT-Jiachang Cao

Textile and clothing companies in China must not only achieve a green transformation but also expand their presence abroad with high quality. Compliant disclosure of "dual carbon" information can facilitate the smoother entry of Chinese textile and clothing companies into international markets, thus establishing a more inclusive and resilient supply chain system. The establishment of this platform is aimed at assisting businesses in achieving high-quality, green, and sustainable development.

Chenfeng Group Minister of Sustainability Department-Hongwei Yang

From the perspective of integrating information resources with low-carbon transformation, manufacturers, suppliers, brands, and consumers all require a more transparent and precise industry service platform. Such a "platform" can assist businesses in building a healthier and more resilient textile and clothing supply chain.

UPW Limited Vice General Manager-Vincent Chu

The compliance and credibility of low-carbon certifications such as carbon footprint and carbon neutrality are essential for ensuring the validity of our low-carbon product claims. The "platform" is the tool we've been eagerly anticipating, hoping it will enable us to share our decarbonization progress with more partners, establish collaborations, and gain access to the latest industry insights.

Shanghai Tiqiao Genral Manager-Haowei Pan

In recent years, the pressure to reduce carbon emissions has gradually permeated every aspect of the industry supply chain. With the assistance of Carbon Balance Technology, we have completed carbon footprint assessments for some of our products this year, successfully achieving carbon neutrality for our air layer fabric products. This significant milestone has earned recognition from our brand partners as we progress toward our carbon neutrality goal. Additionally, we aspire to establish a centralized platform for carbon-related information, where we can share our efforts in the realm of sustainability, showcase product performance metrics, carbon footprint certifications, and foster greater inter-company communication.

Carbon Newture CEO & Co-founder-Arthur Huang

The platform leverages digital technology to create a transparent and publicly accessible tool for information disclosure. This, in turn, enhances companies' public perception, industry influence, and sustainable development image, fostering greater collaboration and information sharing among textile companies. Simultaneously, it encourages brands to engage in more eco-friendly procurement practices through the platform.

Digitization Empowers the Ecological Vitality of the Textile Industry

International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel Official Website

The International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel aims to use digital technology to integrate dual carbon information in the industry, bridging information gaps, supporting the green and low-carbon transformation of Chinese textile and apparel companies, enhancing collaboration and sharing among businesses, and addressing climate change risks.

The "platform" establishes an ecosystem among textile and apparel industry companies, with information flow between companies injecting vitality and resilience into this network. Products that go online on the "platform" after review have their carbon information fully disclosed, showcasing complete carbon emission reports and certification details, preventing "greenwashing," and establishing a sustainable reputation as part of a company's branding and marketing efforts, thus helping companies enhance collaboration opportunities with major buyers.

The future is here, and the carbon chain of the future is upon us. The "platform" looks forward to collaborating with businesses to jointly drive the intelligent dual carbon transformation of the textile industry.