Spotlight | Global debut of the World's First "Zero Carbon" Pet Garment launch event

「The Woof Squad Joins the Low Carbon Fashion Circle」

Recently, the sustainable pet fashion brand ZOZORIKA, in collaboration with the sustainable and eco-friendly yarn company UPW, has created the world's first 'Zero Carbon' pet clothing—Jelly Fish. With the assistance of Carbon Newture, they successfully conducted carbon footprint accounting and offsetting. The product has obtained a Carbon Neutral Certificate from an authoritative third-party certification organization.

On the afternoon of January 22, 2024, at 14:00, the global debut of the world's first 'Zero Carbon' pet Garment was held at the UPW Shanghai office. The Woof Squad and their owners gathered to listen to the low-carbon sustainable story behind this clothing.

The certificate presentation ceremony for the world's first 'Zero Carbon' pet clothing

(From left to right: CEO of Carbon Newture, Founder of ZOZORIKA, and Vice General Manager of UPW Group)

Dogs Joining the Carbon Circle

Arthur Huang, Co-founder & CEO of Carbon Newture, shared insights into the sustainability trends in the pet economy. In recent years, global fashion brands such as LV and Chanel have entered the sustainable arena, setting carbon neutrality goals. Leading pet consumables companies like Royal Pet have also undertaken sustainable initiatives. The collaboration with ZOZORIKA and UPW is a global first, marking a significant step in the transition of pet clothing towards low-carbon sustainability.

CEO & Co-founder Arthur Huang of Carbon Newture

Zero Carbon Yarn Empowers Sustainable Pet Fashion

"UPW aspires that every raw material used in yarn production will have a positive and sustainable impact on the Earth. Dion Meng, Business Manager at UPW, shared the company's philosophy on sustainable development with everyone."

Business Manager Dion Meng of UPW

The yarn used in the “Zero Carbon” pet clothing – the Cashmere Pure series, achieves “carbon neutral” by utilizing clean energy, extensively employing low-carbon materials, and offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions. This approach reduces the carbon footprint of pet clothing from the source.

Research “Dogs” Boldly Enter the Fashion Scene

Zorika, the founder of the sustainable pet fashion brand ZOZORIKA, shared her journey from earning a master's degree in ecology to crossing over into the realm of pet clothing design. Her path exemplifies how the philosophy of sustainable development serves as a bridge between scientific research and fashion. In the process of producing pet clothing, the use of lower-carbon raw materials from the upstream supplier UPW significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the products.

The founder of ZOZORIKA, Zorika

Carbon Newture's end-to-end carbon offset calculation, verification, and disclosure services provide scientific evidence for the 'Zero Carbon' claim of this pet clothing. Disclosing key carbon data is also a crucial element of responsible transparency towards consumers.

Easter egg

Capture Warm Moments

Come and take a selfie with the pups wearing 'Zero Carbon' pet clothing!

Strutting the runway alongside their owners