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With the assistance of Carbon Newture, Shanghai Sinotex Eco Co., Ltd. has completed the carbon footprint assessment for three types of plant-dyed organic cotton and spandex fabrics produced, and has obtained the Carbon Footprint Verification Statement issued by the authoritative third-party organization SGS.

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Shanghai Sinotex Eco Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sinotex Eco-Tech Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sinotex Eco-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinoteco") is committed to the research and production of environmentally friendly fabrics in the fields of innovation, emission reduction, reuse, and recycling. Sinoteco proudly presents the NATUROOT brand for plant-based dyeing.


Business pain points

With the increasing prominence of environmental issues, concepts such as "low-carbon green consumption" and "sustainable development" are continuously integrating into the public's consumption mindset, giving rise to a trend of low-carbon consumption. In order to comply with policy requirements and market trends, more and more companies are embarking on the path of green and low-carbon development. They proactively calculate the carbon footprint of their products and incorporate this information into their marketing efforts to enhance their green image, meet market demands, and strengthen competitiveness.

However, as local textile and apparel enterprises undergo the transition to green and low-carbon practices, they may encounter the following challenges:

Difficulty in accurately obtaining carbon emission data: Collecting carbon emission data involves multiple stages including raw material production, processing, and transportation, making it difficult for enterprises to accurately and comprehensively collect and obtain such data.

Lack of professional carbon emission calculation tools: Enterprises lack the technical expertise and professional tools for accurately calculating and analyzing carbon emissions data, hindering effective management and reduction of carbon emissions.

Lack of authoritative carbon footprint certification: Downstream suppliers and environmentally conscious consumers tend to prefer purchasing green and low-carbon products that have obtained authoritative certification. 

Integrated solution

Carbon footprint calculation service: Carbon Newture utilizes its proprietary digital Carbon Management Platform to model the entire lifecycle of three NATUROOT plant-dyed products from Sinoteco. Based on the actual situation and needs of the enterprise, we accurately quantify greenhouse gas emissions at each stage, including raw material acquisition, production, and product transportation. By precisely accounting for carbon emissions at each stage, we help companies gain comprehensive insights into and manage their carbon footprint.

Compliance certification issuance: Following the completion of carbon footprint calculation for the three products from Sinoteco, Carbon Newture collaborates with the authoritative testing institution SGS to issue product carbon footprint verification statements. This ensures that the results comply with international standards and possess authority and credibility.

Carbon Newture has assisted Sinoteco in obtaining the authoritative Carbon Footprint Certification


Platform carbon data compliance disclosure: Carbon Newture assists Sinoteco in uploading product carbon footprint data to the International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel , ensuring the traceability of carbon data and promoting carbon data sharing across the plant dyeing industry chain. This initiative contributes to shaping a more transparent and healthy low-carbon consumption market.

The carbon information disclosure page for one of the NATUROOT brand's plant-dyed products (Medium Rose).

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