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ZENCE OBJECT: Leading the sustainable materials indusry towards a green and low-carbon future

Carbon Newture and CHAZENCE join hands to build a carbon footprint management system for sustainable materials, promoting green transformation across the entire industry chain and driving green and low-carbon development in the sustainable materials sector.

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On June 5th, at the opening day of the 2024 Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo, Carbon Newture and ZENCE OBJECT officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement on "Green Low-Carbon Certification".

ZENCE OBJECT is an enterprise dedicated to sustainable material innovation, with its brand CHAZENCE gaining wide market recognition for its unique environmental concepts and products.

This strategic cooperation will explore in-depth collaboration in areas such as sustainable material carbon footprint calculation and certification. Together, they will establish a carbon footprint management system for environmentally friendly sustainable materials, promote carbon reduction across the industry's upstream and downstream suppliers, and drive green and low-carbon development in the sustainable materials sector.

01.CHAZENCE:Fusing eastern wisdom to create an eastern environmental materials system

Currently, the world is facing an increasingly severe waste management crisis, with millions of tons of biodegradable waste ending up in landfills or incinerators, leading to environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Improper waste disposal not only contaminates soil and water sources but also releases harmful methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and exacerbates climate change.

Against this backdrop, ZENCE OBJECT is committed to addressing agricultural waste and carbon emissions issues by transforming waste into commercially viable innovative environmentally friendly biobased materials.

The biobased materials products and applications launched by CHAZENCE

CHAZENCE, as a brand under ZENCE OBJECT, utilizes tea waste generated from Chinese tea drinking culture and transforms it into renewable environmentally friendly materials using innovative technologies. This innovation not only reduces environmental pollution but also retains the original color and aroma of the tea leaves. It achieves 100% natural biodegradability, showcasing a perfect blend of Eastern wisdom and modern technology.

The advanced biobased materials and products developed by CHAZENCE integrate traditional Eastern concepts such as harmony between humans and nature and ecological balance. This creation of an environmentally friendly material system with Eastern characteristics provides a new development path for the materials industry.

02.Partnering with carbon newture to promote green and low-carbon development in the sustainable materials sector

Carbon Newture and Tea Zence have entered into a strategic cooperation where Carbon Newture's leading "Digital Carbon Management Platform" will efficiently provide CHAZENCE with services such as carbon footprint calculation, carbon auditing, and supply chain carbon management. Carbon Newture will also offer a comprehensive process of "digital technology empowerment + authoritative third-party certification + transparent disclosure", creating a holistic carbon neutrality digital transformation path for CHAZENCE.

Against the backdrop of global climate change, this collaboration between Carbon Newture and ZENCE OBJECT promotes the development of the sustainable materials industry. Both parties will integrate advanced international carbon management concepts with local environmental innovation practices to jointly explore a low-carbon development path with Chinese characteristics in the sustainable materials sector.

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