ZOZORIKA: The world's first "carbon-neutral" pet clothing "goes to work with credentials“

The sustainable pet fashion brand ZOZORIKA has collaborated with the sustainable and eco-friendly yarn company UPW to create the world's first "carbon-neutral" pet clothing. With the assistance of Carbon Newture, they completed carbon footprint calculation and offsetting, obtaining a product carbon neutral certification from the authoritative third-party certification body.

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Founded in 2022 in New York, ZOZORIKA is the world's first sustainable pet fashion brand. Committed to innovating the fashion industry through sustainable solutions, ZOZORIKA consistently offers high-end sustainable pet fashion products that blend aesthetics, creating a sustainable way to pamper pets for its customers.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • The pet market in China accounts for approximately one-third of the global market, with nearly a hundred million pet-owning households, highlighting the vast potential of the pet market, reaching the scale of hundreds of billions.

  • Around 70% of pet owners express concern about climate change and actively seek to make a positive environmental impact through daily actions. "Low-carbon sustainability" is poised to become the next wave of development in the "pet economy."

  • The concept of low-carbon consumption involves transferring the impetus for carbon reduction from consumers to producers through low-carbon consumer behaviors. This bottom-up approach aims to drive the entire industry chain towards low-carbon transformation, making a consumer-driven contribution to global climate change mitigation.

  • The realization of "low-carbon sustainability" requires scientific evidence, utilizing internationally recognized standards for product carbon footprint accounting and obtaining authoritative certifications. This approach helps avoid the risk of "greenwashing" and ensures that consumers have a high level of awareness about the carbon information of products. Together, this contributes to maintaining a more sustainable low-carbon consumer market.

Integrated Solution

ZOZORIKA partnered with the sustainable and eco-friendly yarn company UPW to create the world's first "carbon-neutral" pet clothing. With the assistance of Carbon Newture, they completed carbon footprint calculation and offsetting, obtaining a product carbon-neutral certification from the authoritative third-party certification body.

The certification certificate for the world's first "carbon-neutral" pet clothing

ZOZORIKA:Implementing carbon reduction actions throughout the entire life cycle.

Firstly, this pet clothing is made from luxurious cashmere provided by UPW. By utilizing high-quality, environmentally friendly, and sustainable yarn with lower carbon emissions, it effectively reduces carbon emissions at the raw material stage from the source.

Carbon-neutral yarn provided by UPW (Scan the QR code to trace and view the product's low-carbon information)

Then, ZOZORIKA employs measures such as 3D virtual plate-making technology and recycling high-quality unsold materials to minimize material and process waste in the production process.

Finally, this pet clothing can be rejuvenated through recycling at the end of its usage cycle, achieving true low-carbon sustainability throughout the entire life cycle from "cradle" to "grave."


Carbon Newture: Comprehensive Carbon Neutral Calculation-Verification-Disclosure Services

To achieve the "carbon neutral" of pet clothing, ZOZORIKA collaborated with Carbon Newture. Utilizing the Carbon Newture digital carbon management platform, they conducted a carbon footprint calculation for the entire life cycle of this pet clothing, from "cradle" to "grave," following internationally recognized carbon footprint calculation standards (ISO 14067:2018). Through carbon offsetting, they achieved product carbon neutral and obtained authoritative certification, avoiding the risk of "greenwashing."

The Four Steps of "Carbon Neutrality" Pet Clothing

Maintaining consumers' high-level awareness of the "carbon-neutral" products they purchase. Uploading the carbon information of pet clothing products to the "International Carbon Information Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel" ensures the traceability of carbon data. As shown in the following image, consumers can trace the basic information of the "carbon-neutral" pet clothing they purchased, along with carbon footprint accounting results, emissions distribution throughout the life cycle, and the approaches to achieving carbon neutrality through the platform.

Scan the code to view details on the "Carbon Information Disclosure" page:

(Website URL for details page: https://www.icdp-ta.com/disclosure/5c8be4e7-aa8a-4716-946d-fb64834855dd)

International Carbon Information Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel: Transparency of carbon information is the lifeline of carbon disclosure

The Information Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel leverages digital technologies such as blockchain to empower carbon management, ensuring that carbon data is tamper-proof, secure, private, transparent, fully traceable, and auditable. As shown in the diagram below, once uploaded to the blockchain, the carbon information of this "carbon-neutral" pet clothing can be easily traced, and the original data remains unalterable. This not only ensures data security but also achieves a high level of transparency in product carbon information. This means that consumers can access the most authentic and reliable carbon information, eliminating concerns about purchasing "greenwashed" products, and simultaneously promoting a more ethical low-carbon consumption market.

The following image provides details of the blockchain linking for the world's first "carbon-neutral" pet clothing, including dual carbon information:

 The pet industry, as a billion-dollar "pet economy" blue ocean and a forefront in responding to sustainability issues, is an area where Carbon Newture looks forward to providing low-carbon upgrade services for more sustainable brands.

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